Battery Electric Double Scissor Lift Table | SLR041

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Battery Electric Double Scissor Lift Table

Safe Working Load: 500kg

Table Size: 1010×520mm

Max Table Height: 1618mm

Min Table Height: 495mm

Lifting Time: 15 seconds

Overall size: 1010x520mm

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If your manual scissor lift tables are beginning to be used most hours of the day, it’s time for an upgrade to an electric model. This will not only increase productivity and save time and money, it will also provide added safety to the person operating it.

This electric model is a double scissor lift – a maximum table height of 1618mm means it can reach almost twice as high as single scissor models. It includes high quality castors designed to give ultimate performance and durability – and they are lockable for added safety.

All battery electric models have an electric hydraulic pump that lifts and lowers at twice the speed of manual models. All models have a huge load capacity of 500kg – perfect for heavy duty, industrial use.

The lift table can be operated while moving the scissor lift trolley, and the onboard charger is easy to plug in at the end of the shift – ready for the next day.

A scissor lift table is basically a 4 wheel hand trolley with a platform that raises and lowers to the ideal working height for the operator. This can dramatically improve the physical health and safety of a person’s back when unloading and loading heavy objects.

AdMerch have both single and double scissor models. We even have a power driven electric scissor lift which has a powered drive function – effortless movement from one location to another, with the push of the accelerator.

Only the highest quality products from Australia and around the world are found here. Everything is designed to last the test of time in a heavy duty environment, and is regarded as the best in its field.

Don’t compromise – only choose the best and most reliable to get maximum value for money, and peace of mind.


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