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Bakery supplies you can rely on

Choose superior bakery racks, trays, shelving, storage & handling products from AdMerch.

AdMerch stock a wide range of equipment suitable for use in the baking and food manufacturing facilities. From baking racks and trays, to food-grade storage and stainless steel trolleys, we’ve got it all.  

Bakery Racks & Trays

Bread Crates & Dollies

Stainless Steel Benches

Stainless Coolroom Shelving

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Folding Plastic
Platform Trolleys

Service Trolleys

Plastic Nesting Crates

Stack & Nest Crates

Stack & Nest Tub Dollies

High/Low Temperature Wheels

High/Low Temperature Castors

Bakery supplies you can rely on

Need professional baking supplies for your bakery, kitchen, or food manufacturing facility? Choose from Admerch’s large range of bakery racks, ingredient tubs and storage, high/low temp castors and so much more.

Stainless Steel Bakery Racks

Grade 304 stainless steel bakery racks featuring a nesting design, stainless bolt-on high temp castors for easy maintenance, and locking bars to keep trays in place.

Bakery Trays

Sturdy 3 and 4-sided aluminium trays designed to survive repeated commercial use. Perfect for use in busy bakeries, we stock trays to suit 16” and 18” wide baking racks. Optional teflon coating available.

Bread Crates & Dollies

Our single and double bread crate dollies available make it easy to transport all kinds of baked goods.

Benches & Shelving

Easy to assemble grade 304 stainless steel coolroom shelving and benches for all kinds of food preparation and storage applications.

Service Trolleys

Multi-purpose trolleys perfect for food service, cleaning, and more. Grade 304 stainless steel models available.

Food Grade Plastic Tubs

Perfect for ingredient handling, these stacking & nesting tubs are available in sizes from 13.5L up to 68L.

High/Low Temp Wheels & Castors

Perfect for use in bakery applications, our high temp wheels are sutiable for temperatures ranging from -30° to +350° with peaks up to 400°C.

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