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Conveyor Material Handling


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1 - 20 out of 112

Custom Conveyors

We can customise conveyors to your specific requirements. Here is a 304 Stainless Steel Conveyor system built to custom specifications & supplied by AdMerch. Frame: 304 S/S 35x90x35 pressed metal channel frame. Roller Series: Damon 1200 Series Tube: ø50mm x 1.5 S/S tube Shaft: Stainless ø12mm spring loaded shaft Bearings: Precision Stainless Bearings Roller Length: 614mm (Over Bearings) Roller Pitch: 75mm Supports: 304 S/S adjustable stands. Height: Based on 700mm TOR. (+/- 50mm) Contact AdMerch for a complete custom conveyor solution or for custom conveyor rollers
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