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Medical and Aged Care Supplies

Medical and Aged Care Supplies

Products for all stages of care

AdMerch’s range of supplies for medical, hospitals, residential and aged care facilities is one of the largest in South Australia. For decades, our team has been helping these businesses to keep their staff and clients safe, and their operations efficient. 

Not in South Australia? No problem! Our massive superstore ships nationwide, and we have distributors in every state of Australia. 

We have a quality range of hand hygiene solutions, and industry standard cleaning supplies and equipment. We also specialise in materials handling, including custom built trolleys, carts and racking – specifically designed for medical applications. 

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies​

Trolleys and Carts​

Plastic Storage Solutions


Wet Floor Signs

Wheels & Castors

Did something just break? If you have a broken trolley, shelving unit, or other hospital trolley – we have a replacement castor option for you.

These castors are backed by decades of Australian manufacture and design.

AdMerch have castors specifically designed for water, chemical, and extreme temperature resistance – in any weight class.

Check out our expert advice – learn how to choose the right castor in 9 easy steps.

Medical Supplies And Equipment

Australia Wide Delivery – Biggest Brands

AdMerch have a massive range of medical supplies and equipment for hospitals, clinics, and all other medical and aged care facilities. We have a solution for any type or sized business – even products that would suit your own home.

We have a quality range of hand hygiene solutions, and industry standard cleaning supplies and equipment.

We also specialise in materials handling, including custom built trolleys, carts and racking – specifically designed for medical applications. We can build a custom solution to meet your requirements.

Australia’s health system is best described as a complex web of services, providers and organisational structures. Within this web there are many different types, and sizes of clinics, facilities, and other businesses.

As a result, medical supplies and equipment are needed in many different places – not just hospitals. Here are just some examples of various clinics and facilities:

  • Hospital
  • Aged care facilities
  • Acute care facilities
  • Primary care services:
    • Dental
    • General Practitioner
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapist
    • Chiropractor
    • Dietician
    • Other services that are typically non-referral
  • Nursing home
  • Radiology
  • Podiatrist
  • Health clinic

Why Should You Buy Medical Supplies And Equipment From AdMerch?

In the medical industry, reliable equipment and supplies are critical to providing the best level of care possible, and maintaining Australia’s world class healthcare system.

Do you want to save money by choosing medical supplies and equipment that are designed to perform safely and efficiently, even under rigorous everyday use?

Our aim is to provide you with products that promote safety and reliability for both practitioners, staff, and patients. We want your clinic or other medical facility to run as smoothly as possible – while avoiding costly breakages and replacements.

Custom Trolley Solutions – We Design What You Need

At AdMerch we have over 100 trolleys and carts to choose from, including many that would be perfect for various medical applications. This includes laundry hamper and laundry trolley solutions, food service, waste disposalcleaning carts, and various hospital trolley solutions.

Our selection of trolleys and carts is bigger than anywhere else online.

But what sets us apart is our custom manufacturing ability.

Custom made trolleys – designed by you, for you!

Choose your own size, colour, material, shape, capacity, and function – use it to meet your medical facility, clinic, or hospital requirements. While you can take control of the design, we are here to offer professional advice and guidance. All custom trolleys are made in Australia, with nationwide delivery.

Here are just some of the custom trolleys we can create:

  • Stainless steel trolley design
  • Overbed table
  • Instrument trolley
  • With or without drawers or cupboards
  • Fixed or removable baskets
  • Fixed or removable railing on shelves – for keeping trays or other items secure on top
  • Clothing racks (great for scrubs and other garments)
  • Theatre supply storage cart
  • Mobile laundry hamper or laundry trolley
  • Bulk delivery trolley
  • Cleaning equipment trolley

Only The Best Brands

We only stock brands that produce high quality products that promote safety and performance.


Rubbermaid is a brand recognised around the world. Rubbermaid have over 70 years of history in creating innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. In nearly every hospital, clinic, nursing home, shop, restaurant, office or home, you are likely to find Rubbermaid products.

According to their website, Rubbermaid have pioneered technologies in multiple fields – food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, commercial and industrial cleaning and washing, and safety products.

So you can rest assured that when you choose a Rubbermaid product, you’re choosing a product that is designed to survive a lifetime of rigorous everyday use.

Our entire cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment range are Rubbermaid products.
The range is one of the biggest in Australia, and includes cleaning carts, odour control, and hand soap dispenser solutions for hospital-grade hand hygiene.

We also stock industry leading food storage products, such as food storage containers and other kitchen storage solutions. This includes ingredient bins and racking systems, designed with castors for easy and efficient transport and storage.

We even stock some Rubbermaid service trolleys and platform trolleys. They are ergonomically designed – putting less physical strain on staff, and improving performance.

HACCP Certified

All Rubbermaid products sold at AdMerch comply with HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and are fully certified. The HACCP certification can be found on products and services within the food industry, and Australia’s leading food businesses in retail, service, and manufacturing, now demand that their supplies have HACCP certification.

HACCP is an internationally recognised symbol that is only given to products that meet strict guidelines. These guidelines are the result of a risk management methodology used by the food and related industries for the control of food safety hazards, and to achieve and maintain acceptable risk levels. It is internationally recognised as the best method of food risk management, adopted particularly in the USA, Europe, and Australasia.

The seven principles of HACCP are: 1. Application, 2. HACCP Plan Validation, 3. Quality Manual Review, 4. On-site Readiness Review, 5. Registration Audit,
6. Registration, 7. Surveillance.

Richmond Wheel and Castor

Richmond Wheel and Castor is an Australian family owned company specialising in wheels, castors, and materials handling equipment. Richmond are a trusted Australian manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the materials handling industry. They are renowned for having the best castors in Australia.

At AdMerch you will find a complete range of Richmond Service Trolleys and Utility Carts, Platform Trolleys, Folding Trolleys, and Delivery Trolleys – all fitted with high quality Richmond Castors.

Choosing Richmond Castors ensures a quiet, smooth operation – and the heavy duty weight capacity means you can use their trolleys for almost anything.

We even have a selection of Richmond Materials Handling products and lifting equipment.

Our pallet jacks, fork stackers, and scissor lift trolleys will help to make the transport and storage of your products as easy and safe as possible. We aim to reduce the physical strain on staff, with ergonomically designed materials handling products and lifting equipment.

Australia Wide Delivery

Whether you need medical supplies and equipment in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane – we can deliver to you. In fact, we offer nationwide delivery – so no matter where you are in Australia – we are happy to help.


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