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Plastic Storage Crates

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Every business that you can think of relies on its ability to safely store its stock, supplies, and equipment. Wherever you are, whatever industry you are working in, storage is always at a premium, and space is always finite. That is why so many businesses invest in good quality storage equipment that falls in line with their standards of safety and hygiene as well as specific requirements to their industry. It means that manufacturers of storage crates have to provide quality in their products.
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If you are looking to buy storage crates, you should know that the variety is much wider than you might expect. You may need to ensure that they are compliant with food hygiene regulations, or you might need to consider whether they are safe to use with medical supplies or hazardous chemicals. Above all, they need to be able to hold the products safely and bear any weight capacity that is required of them. You might also consider whether you need collapsible or stackable crates if you find that your particular requirement is for storage that does not always take up space!

Custom Solutions for Every Industry

In our quest to deliver the right products for all of our customers without exception, we have put together a massive catalogue of storage crates for just about any industry you can think of. We have carefully selected each product from our manufacturers to accommodate different uses from across all industry sectors, and you will find options for:

  • Food industry. We have a number of different crates created specifically for the food industry, including food-grade plastic crates, stock picking trolleys, and bread dollies.
  • Electronics and tech. We have a great variety of plastic parts bins which are designed to keep all your components in one place so that your workspace is kept clean and tidy.
  • Healthcare. Many of our crates have been hygiene tested and can be used in all kinds of healthcare settings without compromising hygiene standards.
  • Retail stock and haulage. Many of our stackable and collapsible crates find their way into retail warehouses and onto the back of trucks for transport. They are designed to sit firmly on top of one another and can be collapsed and easily transported when finished with.

Our normal stock is very extensive, but we also have access to a wider collection of plastic crates. In the small chance that you do not find the exact crate you are looking for, please get in touch right away, and we will be sure to find you what you need to your exact specifications. We’ve worked with every industry you can think of, and you will find our crates in almost every business and public sector in the country!

Order Now and Get Your Storage Crate in a Matter of Days!

No matter what plastic storage tub, container, box or crate you choose to order, you will find the process super easy, super-efficient and super quick. You can have your item on its way to you with only a few mouse clicks. Simply add the item to your basket (you can use a guest account or create an account for future orders), apply any discounts or offers you might have from us (one of the advantages of having an account) and follow our checkout procedure. We offer either one-off payments or payments in instalments if you need a little more time and, on selected products, free shipping! Order now, and we’ll get working on your storage crate solution today!
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