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The Best Ladders & Stools For Sale

Never put a limit on the heights you can reach. Our extensive range of ladders, step stools, trestles & planks, attic ladders, platform ladders and ladder accessories are perfect for use in any setting – from the domestic home to heavy industrial environments. A ladder is essential not only for most tradespeople, but for each and every home too. Don’t leave it to chance – only Australia’s highest quality manufacturers can be found here. All products comply with safety standards and are built to last. Products are constructed from a range of material including aluminium, fibreglass, rubber, and industrial strength plastic. We deliver nationwide – so no matter where you’re from – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia – we have a customised solution for your business or home. Only the highest quality products from Australia and around the world are found here. Everything is designed to last the test of time in a heavy duty environment, and is regarded as the best in its field. Don’t compromise – only choose the best and most reliable to get maximum value for money, and peace of mind. Every ladder sold at AdMerch is manufactured and tested to Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892 and AS/NZS 1576. Important information regarding ladders and electricity – only ladders of fibreglass construction should be used. Worksafe provides further safety information. While generally more expensive than aluminium ladders, fibreglass will always out-perform and outlast aluminium – and minimal maintenance is required. But it is important to keep your fibreglass ladder clean to maintain its maximum non-conductive properties for increased safety. Do this, and your fibreglass ladder will last forever. Here are some of the Australian ladder manufacturers you will find at AdMerch:

LADaMAX ladders

LADaMAX ladders are Australian owned, Australian made, and only made with Australian materials. LADaMAX is directed by Glen Bailey, a previous MD of Bailey Ladders. In operation since 1998, LADaMAX can proudly state ZERO claims on all ladder frames produced in its entire 17 year history. This is a world class safety record, and is a product of the company’s focus – establishing a reputation as Australia’s leading ladder safety brand. AdMerch have a comprehensive range of LADaMAX ladders, including platform ladders, single and double sided step ladders, dual purpose, and extension ladders. They come in both aluminium or fibreglass construction, and are heavy duty industrial rated.

Bailey ladders

Bailey has been in operation since its foundation in Sydney, in 1956 – that’s 60 years of ladder manufacturing experience! The Bailey family are responsible for the invention of Punchlock technology, which helps to reduce ladder twist. Punchlock has been used in all Bailey stepladder and extension ladder products since the early 1980s. According to their website, Bailey has the largest range of ladders in Australia. This may very well be true – AdMerch have all the standard stepladders by Bailey, right through to specialist products such as access platform ladders and attic ladders. Bailey are dedicated to ‘Safety at Heights’ and pride themselves on products made with your safety as the focus of their ladder designs. Bailey was purchased by Werner Co in 2013 – the world’s largest ladder manufacturer.

AM-BOSS Access Ladders

AM-BOSS is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in attic ladders and roof access ladders. All of their ladders are 100% Australian made, designed to survive rigorous everyday use in Australian conditions. AdMerch are proud to stock over 15 styles and designs of AM-BOSS attic and roof access ladders. AM-BOSS attic ladders are easy to install, and come with the assurance that over 30 years of research in design has gone into each ladder. The safety and strength is exceptional – load capacities range from 150kg to a huge 400kg! Attic ladders are ideal for creating safe access to your ceiling space, creating a new storage facility, or rooftop access.

Werner Ladders

Originating in the U.S. over 60 years ago, Werner is the #1 selling ladder brand in North America, and has acquired leading ladder and other trade businesses across the world (including Australian brands Bailey, and Oldfields). According to their website, Werner is the world leader in ladders. Werner is committed to frequent manufacturing and design improvements through constant research and development, testing, and facility investment. The number one goal at Werner is to earn and maintain your trust, through high quality, strong and safe ladder products. AdMerch have a solid range of Werner ladders for sale, including traditional stepladders, right through to extension ladders and attic ladders.