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1 - 20 out of 151

Rubbermaid Cleaning and Storage Supplies

AdMerch are an authorised Australian distributor of quality Rubbermaid brand products. Our range is one of the biggest that you’ll find – either online or in our Adelaide showroom. We also ship our Rubbermaid products across Australia thanks to our national distribution network.

Rubbermaid for Healthcare Facility Cleaning

The prevention of cross-contamination and HAIs (healthcare-associated-infections) has never been more important. Medical facilities such as hospitals and medical centres require frequent and thorough disinfecting and cleaning to maintain the best standards of patient care. Rubbermaid cleaning products are ideal for use in hospitals; in fact, they’ve been designed specifically for this purpose. Rubbermaid microfibre cloths are able to remove up to 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses (not tested on COVID-19) from surfaces using water only. They are also constructed to withstand the use of bleach cleaning and multiple launderings (all purpose microfibre cloths only). Rubbermaid’s range of disposable microfibre cloths are used in hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia due to the fact that they can remove dirt without smearing. Both the Rubbermaid all-purpose and disposable microfibre cloths are colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination. Similarly, Rubbermaid also offer microfibre mop pads for wet or damp mopping. These, like the cloths, can remove up to 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses (not tested on COVID-19), and are colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination. When you see a janitorial cart or cleaning service within a hospital setting, it is most likely that they are using Rubbermaid cleaning products. They are tried and trusted in the healthcare industry, and many facilities refuse to use any other brand. The Rubbermaid brand excels at commercial cleaning.

Rubbermaid for Hospitality

Hospitality businesses such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centres require adequate and frequent cleaning. These venues have high-foot traffic levels, which can bring with them dirt and debris, not to mention bacteria or viruses. Rubbermaid have designed many of their cleaning products with this problem in mind. They offer the ultimate in hospitality cleaning, and are trusted across Australia to keep guests, customers, and employees safe and healthy. Many large mops and dusters seen in shopping centres are supplied by Rubbermaid. These mops can be used for dry or wet mopping in addition to smaller microfibre mop pads and microfibre cloths. Rubbermaid also supply janitorial and cleaning carts which are frequently seen in food courts and public bathrooms. These carts are able to hold all of the supplies needed to thoroughly clean and disinfect large areas. Rubbermaid also supply high-quality soap dispensers and hand-sanitising stations with touch-free operation. The Executive Series by Rubbermaid caters specifically for the hotel and hospitality industries by supplying a robust and quality cleaning product with a sleek and discreet black and silver design. These products blend into the environment and are less noticeable by guests and customers. Many of Rubbermaid’s major cleaning lines are available in the Executive Series, including the Rubbermaid HYGEN Pulse Mop. The Executive Cleaning cart also features high-security sides to prevent theft and maintain a pleasant environment for guests. In additional to cleaning supplies, Rubbermaid also supply food and storage bins. Rubbermaid BRUTE containers are a popular choice for cafes and restaurants, in addition to the range of Slim Jim bins. These are useful for sorting waste into different groups or categories, and are available with a large number of colour-coded accessories. Rubbermaid also supply food grade containers and ingredient bins for kitchens. There are many choices to choose from for storing flours, grains, and other loose ingredients in commercial kitchens. Many of these are available with scoops and measuring cups. There is also a mobile ingredients shelf to store your ingredient bins on – because versatility is important in fast-paced hospitality environments.

Rubbermaid for Education

Rubbermaid products are trusted for use in schools and learning facilities across Australia due to their reliability and strength. Because schools are attended by so many people at once, they must be cleaned daily to keep them at an acceptable level. This has never been easier with the introduction of microfibre cloths, dusters, and mops. Removing up to 99.99% tested bacteria and viruses (not tested on COVID-19), these cleaning cloths ensure that school cleaners and janitorial staff are removing as much dirt and debris as possible. Bathrooms in schools and higher-learning facilities are visited frequently. Hand hygiene has never been more important, and with strong emphasis on the NHHI (National Hand Hygiene Initiative), effective hand washing has become popular. Touch-free hand soap dispensers and hand sanitising stations are a popular and quality Rubbermaid product, and AdMerch also stock refills for these products. In schools, sorting rubbish and storing goods is important to maintain a safe and hazard-free environment. Rubbermaid BRUTE containers are ideal for use in schools, and Slim Jim bins are perfect for classroom waste sorting. They can also be utilised by teachers to teach children about recycling.

Rubbermaid for Home & Domestic Use

Rubbermaid’s range of products aren’t just for commercial use – they’re also perfect for use around the house. Say goodbye to harsh chemical cleaners, and use Rubbermaid’s microfibre cloths and mop pads to clean your kitchen and bathroom with water. Even Rubbermaid’s food and ingredient bins can be used by enthusiastic home chefs, and Rubbermaid bins and containers could be used for storing or sorting household waste. Being environmentally conscious has never been so important or top of mind, and this range of products can assist you in staying green at home.