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Scaffold Castors

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    Adjustable Scaffold Castor Approved AS/NZS 1576.2:2009 (S879B)

    $151.76 inc GST   ($137.96 ex.GST)
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    Tube Type Scaffold Castor Approved AS/NZS 1576.2:2009 (S883B)

    $113.82 inc GST   ($103.47 ex.GST)
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Our Tube Type Scaffold Castor has a tube stem to fit 50mm OD scaffold tubing. The advanced design which eliminates the kingpin features a zinc passivated steel frame for rigidity and a longer working life. Richmond Tube Type Scaffold Castors are tested and approved to AS/NZS 1576.2:2009
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Scaffolding Wheels You Can Rely On!

It is essential that a well-managed construction site or renovation project has appropriate equipment, and one element that all contractors come to rely on is good quality scaffolding. Moreover, scaffolding works best when it can be easily moved and recalibrated. But the last thing you would want when moving heavy and sometimes unwieldy scaffolding is for its wheels to crack or damage the work you have done already.

Scaffolding wheels have very specific requirements if they are to be appropriate for your project or site. Scaffolding can be very heavy, and wheels need to be able to bear great weights. Construction sites and renovations are known for sometimes corrosive or damaging activities, so these wheels need to be durable as well as easy to clean. What’s more, the materials for scaffold wheels must be fit for purpose, usable on the outside surfaces and leave no trace once they have been used.

Scaffolding Wheels Fit for Purpose

Since the 1980s, we’ve been putting together mobility solutions to all kinds of industries, including construction and renovation companies. Over time, we’ve become an important institution in our own right, known for our dedication to finding the right item for every job.

This dedication to providing the perfect solution stretches to our provision of scaffold wheels. Having worked for such a long time in the field of mobility solutions, we have put together an offer for anyone who needs to put their scaffold on wheels, with benefits that include:

  • Adjustable or tube type scaffold castors. You can choose between a 200 mm thread type scaffold castor so that you can adjust the height between 310 and 450 mm or our tube type scaffold castor, which is compatible with a number of different types of scaffolding.
  • High load capacity. Both the adjustable and tube type scaffold casters can load up to 700 kg in weight.
  • Durable but non-marking materials. The wheels are made from a nylon centre with a polyurethane tyre, the latter of which is known to be one of the best performing scaffold wheel materials on all floor surfaces without leaving a trace.
  • Colour-coded brake pedals. These can be especially useful in ensuring stability for your scaffolding as well as an easy movement when setting up your scaffolding.
  • Tested and approved. These wheels have been designed and created to meet AS/NZS 1576.2.2009, a national standard that ensures the safety and authenticity of these products.

We recognise that every project is different, and you may have very specific requirements in mind. If our standard stock doesn’t quite meet those requirements, then we are keen to let you know that we are happy to customise your order. Our team is very experienced when it comes to finding the right solution, and we are sure that we can help you, whatever project you are working on.

Snap Up a Deal Today!

Once you’ve found the right item to get your scaffold on wheels and easier to move around your project, ordering it couldn’t be simpler. Whether you’re after castors, plastic tubs or anything else, you can choose to create an account with us today or add your item to a guest basket and then follow our checkout procedure. You can pay for the whole order right away or take advantage of our enhanced payment options. Whatever you choose, once your order is with us, we’ll get packing it up and shipping it out to you in no time at all!
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