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Commercial Rotationally Moulded Tubs

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The rotationally moulded tubs range is made from food grade polyethylene, making them perfect for use in food preparation and storage, as well as for disposing of large quantities of food scraps. These extremely durable products are either available in straight or tapered sides, the advantage of tapered sides is that they are able to be nested inside of each other for more compact storage, as well as saving on space and transportation costs.

Designed to suit a broad range of industries, these versatile tubs can easily meet the material handling requirements of commercial laundries, hospitals, aged care centres, food companies, abattoirs, warehouses, and waste management companies.

AdMerch’s range of tubs are available in wide range of options, including sizes from 150L-650L capacity, and a wide range of standard colours including blue, black, red, and natural (white). A range of other colours are also available.

Castor mounting plates for easy and a wide range of castors can be added to this tub as an optional accessory, transforming this high capacity tub, into a versatile high capacity trolley, making it incredibly easy to move large amounts of food, towels, general rubbish, liquids, and more. Drain bungs to drain or empty liquids, and coil spring bases are also available as optional accessories.

An optional coil spring base can be added to keep heavier items up at a convenient working height, minimising strain on the operators back, and reducing workplace injury. The spring takes the strain out of loading/unloading by lowering the load as objects are added to the tub and raises again as items are removed and the load lightens, reducing the amount of bending involved.

These high capacity containers are suitable for products ranging from food items, general materials and even chemical applications. Rotational moulded plastic tubs are made by filling a cast with material and rotated around two axes during the setting process to evenly disperse the heat softened plastic throughout the mould.