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Cleaning Trolleys & Carts

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  • Rubbermaid Sale

    Rubbermaid Executive High Security Janitorial Cleaning Cart | 1861427

    $1,023.24 inc GST
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  • Rubbermaid Sale

    Rubbermaid | Heavy Duty Cleaning Trolley | RFG618900BLA

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  • Laundry Trolleys & Carts

    Rubbermaid Professional Light Housekeeping Cart | R2140097

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  • Rubbermaid Products

    Rubbermaid | Cleaning Cart | 1902465

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  • Catering & Kitchen Trolleys

    Rubbermaid | Heavy Duty Service Cart | RFG9T6800BLA

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  • Rubbermaid Products

    Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart Bundle with Bag, Hood, Cabinet & Cloths

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  • Rubbermaid Products

    Rubbermaid | Cleaning Trolley with Zip Bag | RFG617388

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Rubbermaid Cleaning Carts and Accessories

Rubbermaid Commercial Cleaning equipment of the highest quality

AdMerch sell a fantastic range of Rubbermaid cleaning carts and accessories – cleaning equipment that is designed for use in commercial and industrial settings.

Every cleaning cart and accessory we sell is designed to survive rigorous everyday use, and is regarded as the best in its fieldbacked by over 70 years of research and design.

We deliver nationwide – so no matter where you’re from – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia – we have the best cleaning equipment solution for your business or home.

We have cleaning equipment for both front of house and back of house solutions.

Whether you are looking for multiple waste or recycling options, efficient sorting systems, even high security cleaning carts and trolleys – we have the solution for you. Our range of cleaning trolleys and carts are supported by over a dozen accessories – you can customise your trolley in almost any way you want.

We also have a full size, full service housekeeping trolley, as well as compact folding designs.

We even have a premium quality laundry hamper – with an automatic lid that closes slowly and quietly, and an extra-large pedal that can be easily accessed while carrying bulky loads of laundry / linens.

All of our waste bags will never leak – thanks to the stitched seams that are heat sealed.

Did we say accessories?!

The range of accessories is insane – check out this list of customisable options to add to your Rubbermaid carts and trolleys:

  • Locking hood
  • Locking cabinets and door kits
  • Heavy duty plastic bins (multiple sizes)
  • Various lids and waste covers
  • Sliding drawer kits (with locks)
  • Shelf kits
  • Triple waste bag wire holders
  • 9 pocket organisers
  • Mesh linen bags
  • Non-leaking bags (various colour options)
  • Extension platforms

All carts, trolleys and accessories are 100% Rubbermaid products.

Rubbermaid cleaning carts and accessories are highly versatile and could be used in a number of different industries and businesses. Some examples include:

  • Hospitality
  • General healthcare
  • Medical facilities – hospitals and nursing homes, other clinics
  • Laboratory settings
  • Beauty and hair salons
  • Catering
  • IT service and maintenance
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Offices
  • Warehouse and factory
  • Telecommunications
  • Engineering
  • Aviation and airline services
  • Automotive service and maintenance, mechanics
  • Schools
  • Commercial laundry
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Retail
  • Electrical and industrial maintenance


Rubbermaid is a brand recognised around the world, with over 70 years of history in creating innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. In nearly every shop, restaurant, warehouse, factory or home, you are likely to find Rubbermaid products.

According to their website, Rubbermaid have pioneered technologies in multiple fields – food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, commercial and industrial cleaning and washing, and safety products.

So you can rest assured that when you choose a Rubbermaid product, you get a product that is designed to survive a lifetime of rigorous everyday use.
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Order a Great Quality Cleaning Trolley Today!

For the hospitality industry, and indeed healthcare, business premises, and retail, cleanliness and hygiene should always be the top priority. Janitors and cleaners are the unsung heroes of the fight against bacteria and infection and require appropriate equipment to make their work more efficient. There are a vast number of sprays, applicators and cleaning materials along with brooms, brushes and bins, all of which need to be ready for use at any given time.

Considering all of this, you may begin to recognise just how useful a good cleaning trolley actually is. Not only do they need to be attractive and easy to move around, but they also need to have enough storage space to contain all of the equipment that a cleaner might need. In addition, considering the use to which they are put, they must also be made from hygienic materials that can undergo the heavy use that they are often subjected to, often in extremely diverse environments, such as hospitals, hotels, and public venues.

A Cleaners Trolley for Every Job

In line with our efforts to provide as many different options as possible to our customers, our janitorial trolleys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We know that different cleaners require different things from their cleaning cart, as well as accessories and extra fittings that make the job much easier. Among the various options with our cleaners trolleys, you’ll find:

  • High-quality all-in-one cart bundles with bags, birds, cabinets, and extra cleaning tools.

  • Collapsible laundry carts with steel powder coated frames so that they do not rust and easy to clean detachable bags.

  • Highly durable service carts made for high load capacities and built for easy manoeuvrability.

  • Material transport options with our tilts trucks and platform trolleys, well-suited to waste collection and laundry handling.

  • A huge variety of extra attachments, such as bins, lids, locking hoods, zip bags, bag waste frames, drawers, organisers, and shelves.

This is only a small sampling of the options we have for our commercial cleaning caddy. We have access to some of Australia’s best manufacturers and can always work out the perfect solution for our customers, whatever industry they are working in. If you don’t see the right cleaner trolley for you, have no doubt that we can find what you need in no time at all.

Get Your Order Ready Now!

Whether you’re after cleaning trolleys, stainless steel trolleys or any other kind of trolley, you can be assured that the process is incredibly straightforward. Simply select which item you’re after, and it’s your guest basket and follow the checkout procedure! If you have plans to order from us again in future – we’re sure you will – you can build an account with us by offering us a few details about yourself and your business. Subscribe to our blog or social media account as well so that you can keep an eye on the savings that you can make with some of our offers.

Once your order is processed, whether you choose to pay in one go or pay in instalments, we will get working right away on shipping out to you, and you can expect it super quick wherever you are in the country!
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