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Rubbermaid Odour Control System

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ TCell™ System is the world’s first continuous odor control system. Utilizing its patented delivery system, only TCell™ consistently delivers a precise dose of high-quality fragrance blended with Microtrans,® a true odor neutralizer, for 60 or 90 days without the use of batteries. Because even the cleanest washrooms are susceptible to unavoidable odors, a discreet and effective air freshening system is essential. TCell™ is a cost effective air care solution that instantly enhances the image of any environment.

Patented Fuel Cell Technology

The fuel cell creates hydrogen in the formula chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created, it forces an equal amount of odor neutralizer out of the chamber. Natural airflow distributes the odor neutralizer throughout the room.

Preferred Fragrances

RCP offers a variety of clean, fresh fragrances representing consumerpreferred fragrance zones, increasing satisfaction with individual patrons. We conveniently offer our top fragrances as individual products or in convenient “Preference Packs,” which are a great solution for customers to test and determine the right fragrance for their facility

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