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Conveyor Solutions

Custom Conveyors

Below is a 304 Stainless Steel Conveyor system built to custom specifications & supplied by AdMerch.

Frame: 304 S/S 35x90x35 pressed metal channel frame.

Roller Series: Damon 1200 Series

Tube: ø50mm x 1.5 S/S tube

Shaft: Stainless ø12mm spring loaded shaft

Bearings: Precision Stainless Bearings

Roller Length: 614mm (Over Bearings)

Roller Pitch: 75mm

Supports: 304 S/S adjustable stands.

Height: Based on 700mm TOR. (+/- 50mm)

Contact AdMerch for a complete custom conveyor solution or for custom conveyor rollers

AdMerch Conveyors

Conveyor systems are used for the efficient and safe transportation of goods – at any operational stage of the conveyor line. AdMerch stocks a range of conveyor solutions including the gravity conveyor system, which produces movement via natural forces, so they are a great economical solution for your materials handling needs. These conveyor systems are used in many industries because of their simplicity and cost effectiveness.
The range includes nylon or steel conveyor rollers, frames, flex conveyors, ball transfers and skate & flow rails, perfect for production lines in warehouses or manufacturing.

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