Free Shipping on all online orders!*


FREE SHIPPING on all online orders!*

Extension Ladders

Need to get really high? Choose an Extension Ladder

Need to get really high? Our range of extension ladders are just what you need.

Ideal for reaching roof tops, powerlines, and various elevations on construction sites. Safety is paramount when selecting extension ladders, and we only provide the highest quality products that comply with Australian safety standards. Any questions? Please contact us.

AdMerch only stock the best – everything here is designed to last the test of time in a heavy duty environment, and is regarded as the best in its field.

We deliver nationwide – so no matter where you’re from – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia – we have a customised solution for your business or home.

Don’t compromise – only choose the best and most reliable to get maximum value for money, and peace of mind.

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