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Materials Handling

Materials Handling Solutions

If you need material handling equipment that you can trust, then read this!

At AdMerch we have a full range of materials handling solutions, including various lifting equipment. Whether you need a pallet jack or electric tug – even a wheelbarrowwe have what you need.

And it doesn’t matter if you need a solution for your home or your business – no matter how big or small the job is, we have the materials handling solution for you.

Only the highest quality products from Australia and around the world are found here. Everything is designed to last the test of time in a heavy duty environment, and is regarded as the best in its field.

Unlike most of our competitors, AdMerch provide detailed information on all our products. We tell you the size, shape, weight, and material products are made from. But we also tell you what a product can be used for, what it is commonly used for, and any important safety information you need to know before purchasing. To top all of this, we tell you about the manufacturer – their history, and why you should trust their products.

Don’t compromise – only choose the best and most reliable to get maximum value for money, and peace of mind.

A great example is our range of pallet jacks and fork stackers, also known as pallet lifters. We are proud to stock these products that come from an Australian manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the materials handling and lifting equipment industries.

AdMerch also have a comprehensive range of scissor lifts. A scissor lift table is a type of hand trolley that can dramatically improve the physical health and safety of a person’s back when unloading and loading the trolley. It achieves this thanks to a hydraulically powered scissor mechanism that can raise or lower the platform table to suit the operator’s preferred working height.

Our range of wheelbarrows includes heavy duty steel options, with market leading puncture proof wheels. We also have an ATV trailer, and a robust steel garden cart. All of our wheelbarrows are suited to any type or sized business – industrial, trade, agricultural – even your own home.

We even have a range of forklift attachments! These include a wheelie bin lifter, gas bottle storage cage, drum lifter, and a forklift safety cage which is compliant with Australian safety standards.

Please check out our range of materials handling solutions today!

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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