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Forklift Tools

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  • Forklift Tools

    BGN-1 Drum Lift Fork Attachment

    $2,074.13 inc GST
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  • Forklift Tools

    DR-NH Drum Rotator

    $4,732.43 inc GST
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  • Forklift Tools

    GB-CM2F Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

    $2,045.55 inc GST
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  • Forklift Tools

    NWB-T2 Wheelie Bin Double Tipper

    $2,376.28 inc GST
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Our range of forklift tools includes a number of forklift attachments designed to not only make your job easier, safer, and more productive, but to also last the distance – manufactured to survive rigorous everyday use.

We have a forklift safety cage designed under Australian Safety Standards (AS-2359-1), with features that meet and exceed those safety requirements. The forklift cage is suitable for two people plus equipment – up to 250kg. The robust cage attaches to your forklift and provides a safe and economical way to complete work at heights.

We also have a drum lifter, and drum rotator – both are either zinc plated (Drum lift BGN-1) or hot dip galvanised (Drum rotator DR-NH). This means they are protected against corrosion and rust, designed to be the best you can buy.

Other products include a gas bottle or cylinder storage cage, and a bin lifter – designed to simply and safely empty two wheelie bins at a time – without the operator ever having to leave his seat on the forklift.

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