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Trolleys and Carts

Trolleys and Carts – Comprehensive Range

AdMerch have an extensive range of trolleys including cage trolleys, cart hand truck, equipment trolleys, piano trolleys, picking trolley, stainless steel trolleys and trolley carts for sale. Custom Trolleys also available upon request.

As a reseller of wheels and castors from Australia’s largest wheel and castor company, we often have customers come into our showroom in search of replacement wheels or castors for their hand trolley, platform trolley, or any other type of moving trolley. A regular light-hearted comment that we hear is “these wheels nearly cost as much as my trolley did!” and we always answer, explaining why.

Quality you can depend on

At AdMerch, we only stock the highest quality products – expertly designed and manufactured to survive rigorous everyday use in a variety of environments. We stock products from brands that actively fight to be the best in their field, while keeping prices low.

Buy it once and never worry about it again. You won’t need to come in and buy spare parts – or at least so rarely that you’ll forget the last time you had to do so.

Reducing maintenance downtime will increase your productivity.

If those customers had bought trolleys from AdMerch, they wouldn’t be buying new wheels and castors, they would be buying more trolleys to add to their collection, after experiencing the benefits of a high quality product that lasts the distance.

Are cheap trolleys worth it?

There are a number of problems with cheaper trolleys, and many of these have been identified by the national work safety governing body – Safe Work Australia – and Victoria’s regulatory body, WorkSafe. Workplace safety is critical to the sustained success of all businesses, not just to the health and safety of each staff member.

Cheaper trolleys are generally made with lower quality castor wheels, so they become heavy and difficult to push, increasing the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder or associated injury. In a workplace setting, floors may be slippery from residual water or spilt product, which makes it difficult to generate sufficient force to move a trolley. Steep ramps or uneven floors can also increase the force needed to move a trolley.

Load capacity is another problem with cheaper trolleys. It is always recommended to choose a trolley that has a load capacity comfortably larger than the average weight you need to move or store. Cheaper trolleys often have a lighter load capacity. And even if it still exceeds the weight you require, it means that excessive use will cause the trolley to deteriorate much faster than a stronger trolley – so a new replacement will be needed sooner.

But if you choose the trolleys that we stock here at AdMerch, your replacements will be few and far between – and ideally non-existent. Our load capacities are always higher, and the castors and wheels on our hand trolleys, platform trolleys, and many more – are bigger and better.

In its materials handling guide, WorkSafe identify some key features to look for in a trolley, whether it be a platform trolley, hand trolley, folding trolley, garden trolley – these guidelines apply to all.

Ergonomically designed hand trolleys, with curved handles that prevent hands and fingers being crushed by heavy loads, are number 1 on the list. This also includes designs that prevent legs being hit or run over by the trolley.

Large diameter wheels help move the trolley over uneven surfaces with less force and less vibration. Larger wheels are also more resistant to floor damage and floor contaminants. You will find that our range of trolleys consistently have larger wheels than our competitors – which also contributes to the higher load capacities.

Most of our trolleys also feature precision bearings that will not only reduce friction and increase ease of movement, but also keep the water out and keep the grease in – providing a longer lasting solution in wet environments or wash-down applications such as food, hospitality, textile, and medical industries.

Many of our service trolleys and platform trolleys are fitted with brakes for added safety, and different combinations of swivel and fixed castors to maximise performance and reduce physical strain on the user.

As you will now be seeing, there is quite a large amount of evidence supporting the purchase of high quality trolleys, and reaping the benefits.

“You get what you pay for,” has never been more accurate.

And at AdMerch, we have a solution that will meet and exceed your requirements – no matter how big or small. Our range is comprehensive, and here are just some of the trolleys we sell:

Service trolley

We stock a variety of shapes and sizes, capable of holding up to a massive 250kg – these are more than just a food service trolley or garden trolley. Heavy duty, silent and easy to move and control, and built to provide lasting performance with precision.

Applications and service environments for use may include: hospitality,  medical,  laboratory, hospital and acute care,  healthcare equipment,  nursing homes and aged care facilities,  catering,  IT service and maintenance,  electrical and industrial maintenance,  mechanical,  restaurant,  hotel, office,  warehouse,  telecommunications,  engineering,  electrical,  airline cart,  panel beating, schools,  commercial/industrial laundry,  retail.

Folding trolley

Wide selection of trolley styles with folding capacity, including flat bed trolley, platform trolley, even the popular Clax trolley. Load capacities between 60kg and 500kg – limitless applications. Folding flat to allow storage in the smallest of places.

Clax Trolley

The 2 tiered, German engineered folding Clax Cart is a popular choice for business and personal use.

Delivery trolley

Also known as a hand trolley, our range of delivery trolleys are made to be the best you can buy, featuring high quality welds, ergonomic handles, and market leading wheels. Handling loads up to 300kg, able to handle uneven surfaces, grass, even stairs!

Platform trolley

Featuring ergonomic design, the handles are high enough to avoid putting strain on your back. Handling loads up to 500kg and featuring models that are built to survive extreme temperatures, we have the platform trolley you need.

Skates and dollies 

Providing ultimate manoeuvrability when moving heavy, bulky and awkward loads – why risk your own physical safety any longer? With a massive 320kg to 600kg handling capacity – these are more than just furniture movers. These skates and dollies are high quality, serious products – built to last as a permanent solution in your home, office, or workshop – keeping heavy items conveniently mobile.

AdMerch don’t stock nasty, fragile, dangerous, and cheap products. Only the strongest, toughest, most effective and longest lasting products are found here – at the lowest prices. They are suited to any type or sized business – even your own home.

Unlike most of our competitors, AdMerch provide detailed information on all our products. We tell you the size, shape, weight, and material products are made from. But we also tell you what a product can be used for, what it is commonly used for, and any important safety information you need to know before purchasing. To top all of this, we tell you about the manufacturer – their history, and why you should trust their products.

Trolley Selection Guide

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