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Commander Safety Brake Platform Trolleys

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New Safety Brake Platform Trolley Range!

Stop your trolley securely with the use of the built-in braking system! These sturdy plastic deck trolleys effectively stop the load dead in its tracks every time. Never worry about your trolley rolling away again!

  • Available with deadman brake or foot operated brake
  • Grey elastic rubber wheels
  • Slip-resistant black rubber deck
  • Folding handles with carry handles for easy storage
  • Up to 250kg safe working load

Deadman brake (PFR043) – To move the trolley simply press down on the handle to deactivate the brakes. Release the handle and the brakes will activate! Making this trolley perfect for frequent start/stop applications. The brakes can also be released by turning the release key in the handle.

Foot operated brake (PFR042, PFR044) – Easy to use foot pedal brake, just push down on the pedal to apply the brakes on the back wheels and stop the trolley. Push again to release.

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