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Turf Tyres

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Choosing a Turf Tyre

When choosing a turf tyre, the tread type may be something to consider. For example, if the area you’re using these tyres on is steep and possibly even wet, you may need a deeper tread pattern to keep traction. Block turf is the most common tread pattern for mowers. This pattern provides good traction while leaving minimal marks on the turf. Tough turf tyres provide a longer tread life than most other turf tyres and good traction. Driver turf tyres feature a high traction tread type which may be useful for hills. Aggressive turf tyres have the deepest tread pattern of the range to provide traction and steering in tough conditions such as heavy slopes.

How are sizes measured on the tyres and tubes?

These tyres use (A)x(B)-(C) in inches.

tyre tread diagram

For example, a 13×5.00-6 tyre is 13 inch diameter, 3.5 inch wide and suits a 6 inch rim.

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