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AM-BOSS Attic Ladder Aluminium Domestic Ceiling Access | 2.15m to 2.3m

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CEILING HEIGHT 2150-2300 mm

CUT-OUT REQUIRED: 1220mm x 570mm

  • Complies to the Building Code of Australia
  • Commercial Strength
  • 150kg Load Capacity (At Any Given Point – Not Spread Weight)
  • Welded Aluminium Stair
  • Concealed Hinges
  • Draft Seal All Round
  • Neat Ceiling Panel – No Visible Screws
  • Slim Metal Architrave
  • Comes complete with Eyebolt, Screws, Hook and Pole
  • Fitted Fixing Clips for Easy Installation
  • Height Adjustable Stair
  • Stair Fitted off Panel – for better Hand and Foot Hold
  • Trouble-Free Spring Balancing
  • Fully Assembled
  • 20 Year Guarantee (Domestic Installations Only)
  • Wholly Australian Owned and Made
  • Standard and Full-length Handrail Option Available


This AM-BOSS attic ladder is suited for domestic use only.

Installation of a domestic ladder in a commercial building will void any warranty or safety approvals. Please provide our staff with exact ceiling height for any commercial/industrial attic ladders, in order to manufacture to specific dimensions.

Do you need help finding the right sized attic/loft ladders for your home, commercial/industrial building? Contact our team today.


The AM-BOSS 'Access-Boss™' or 'Big-Boss™' Aluminium Ceiling Access Ladders are Guaranteed for 20 years for domestic installations. These beautifully manufactured, fully assembled attic ladders come complete with fitted architrave, dust and draft sealing strips, counter balancing, and a simple height adjusting mechanism to eliminate the need of cutting the ladder to length. This keeps the bottom step the same distance off the floor as the spacings from the other steps, as well as preventing the ladder being cut wrong; and helps simplify installation. AM-BOSS access ladders come complete with concealed hinges to complete the visual effect viewed from below, and fixing clips so you don't have to hold the unit up there while you are installing it!

AM-BOSS 'Access-Boss™' and 'Big-Boss™' ceiling access attic ladders are constructed in welded aluminium, are strong and durable and all steel parts, including springs, are zinc plated. The roof access ladder is mounted in such a way as to allow clearance between the steps, and the ceiling hatch, for safer footing. Our counter-balance system is designed in such a way that when the hatch is closed, the springs are almost relaxed - ensuring life-long service! The fully assembled hatch enables the 'Access-Boss™' or 'Big-Boss™' to blend into your ceiling with practically little intrusion.

OTHER HANDY INFORMATION: AM-BOSS access ladders are manufactured in welded aluminium and made in 3 sections for strength, easy operation and easy reach - even at a 3.3m (11'.0"e;) ceiling height. Above 3.2m loops are fitted to the first 2 steps to make unfolding, using the rod, easy. The hatch of the 'Access-Boss™' or 'Big-Boss™' is easily painted to match existing ceiling colour, the insides of the frame come in white laminate finish. All variations in ceiling heights can be accommodated by various model types and options. Manufactured in Australia since 1979 by AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd.