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25mm Nylon Wheel 10kg Capacity Castor (S25NY)

Wheel Diameter:?25mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Wheel Width:?12mm

Wheel Type:?Nylon

Wheel Bearing Type:?Plain

Castor Height:?36mm

Maximum Load Capacity:?10kg

Just as the name implies, Richmond?s new Mini Series castors are small, but don?t let that fool?you these little castors have big potential.

Available in wheel diameters ranging from 25-38mm these light duty castors boast features such as:

  • Durable nylon wheels
  • Load capacities of up to 28kg each
  • Rigid and swivel frame varieties

Light duty furniture, plant trolleys, light duty carts, garage equipment, appliances, office equipment, and D.I.Y. projects are just some of the applications where these mini castors shine.

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