$9.95 Flat Rate Shipping on All Online Orders!

$9.95 Flat Rate Shipping on All Online Orders!

Crate Skate Tub Dollie with 100mm Nylon Wheels (TDR038)

$119.72 inc GST

Designed to transport Richmond?s 32L, 52L, and 68L Stack & Nest Crates, this dollie is the perfect solution for all your storage and food transport needs. Ideal for reducing back injury and handling foods across a whole range of industries, including butchers, fishing, food service, chicken & poultry, and lots more.

The TDR038 features 100mm nylon wheels in a  2 x swivel and 2 x brake configuration. The castors feature Grade 303 Stainless Steel threaded inserts. This tub dollie is easy to clean, and suitable for washdown applications.

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