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DYMO Label Tape 12mm x 7mm Black on White | S0720530

$30.21 inc GST   ($27.46 ex.GST)

Employable with your LabelManager and LabelWriter Duo devices, DYMO D1 Labels generate distinct, legible labels. Their applicability extends to various clean, flat surfaces like plastic, paper, metal, wood, and glass. Additionally, the labels sport user-friendly easy-peel backs for swift application. Offering an array of colors and tape widths, you can effortlessly locate the optimal choice to match your requirements.

Tailored exclusively for your LabelManager® and LabelWriter® Duo label makers, these genuine DYMO D1 labels are engineered to meet the demands of various labeling tasks. Their exceptional performance ensures optimal handling for a wide range of labeling projects. Designed to adhere seamlessly to clean, flat surfaces including plastic, metal, and glass, these labels boast an easy-peel split backing that accelerates the labeling process, streamlining your path to organization.

Say goodbye to the complexities of home and office organization as DYMO D1 labeling tape takes the hassle out of the equation. Measuring 1/2-inch (12mm) in width and extending 23 feet (7m) in length, this white tape with black print offers a versatile solution. Compatible with an array of DYMO products including LabelManager 120P, 160, 200, 210D, 220P, 260P, 280, 300, 350, 360D, 400, 420P, 450, 500TS, PC, PC II, PnP, Wireless PnP, COLORPOP!, LabelWriter 450 Duo, LabelPoint 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350, these labels open doors to enhanced labeling experiences.

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