Heavy Duty Timber Handle Wheelbarrow – Red HD Steel Tray


The heavy duty wheelbarrow range by Richmond Wheel and Castor caters for all environments. The timber handles can offer a more comfortable grip to users than a steel handle wheelbarrow, and the flexing nature of the timber can offer upper body support which reduces stress to the user. Timber handles don’t heat up as much in the sun compared to steel handle wheelbarrows.

  • The puncture proof wheel type provides worry free operation from deflated tyres and punctures, whilst also offering the same cushioned ride of pneumatic wheel types.
  • The plastic centred wheel type is ideal for wet and damp conditions whereas the steel centred wheel is more durable and longer lasting.
  • The ’16×6.50-8′ wheel type has a wider tyre and provides greater stability than the ‘4.00-8’ range.

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