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Mantova | Post Shelving with Removable Shelves

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Mantova’s Post Shelving with Real Tuff removable shelves have been making life easier for thousands of Australian businesses for more than a decade. Removable shelves are easy to clean and are dishwasher proof. Cleaning your cool room one shelf at a time without having to dismantle the whole bay of shelves is a huge time and cost saving. Real Tuff Shelves are HACCP APPROVED and have LIFE Antimicrobial Protection built in during the manufacturing process. See below for more information on LIFE Antimicrobial technology.

HACCP Australia Food Safety Certified.

Shelving Specs and Options

Shelf Width Options: 300, 450, 525 and 600mm

Shelf Length Options: 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650 and 1800mm

Standard Post Height Options: 3 tiers - 1200mm, 4 tiers - 1800mm and 5 tiers - 2000mm high.

Shelf Material Options: Frames are Stainless Steel or Galvanised 30mm Square Tube fitted with moulded Real Tuff ABS shelves.

Post Material: Posts are manufactured from 25mm x 25mm x 1.2mm tube fitted with a Mantova bullet foot allowing 32mm of adjustment.

Material Finish: "ALLGAL"  Galvanised inside and out or polished stainless steel.

Weight Loading: Real Tuff Shelves are rated to 250kgs evenly spaced per tier. Shelf clips for Add On or Corner Units are rated to 150kg

All components come with a 12 month Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.


Mantova shelving systems now feature LIFE antimicrobial production protection. Keep the shelving "cleaner between cleanings". LIFE antimicrobial technologies are infused into Mantova shelving systems during the manufacturing process and become a permanent part of the plastic materials.

Built-in for the lifetime of the product, LIFE antimicrobial protection helps keep shelves cleaner and more hygienic by attacking bacteria that can contaminate food contact surfaces.

Benefits of Mantova shelving systems with LIFE antimicrobial technology:

  • Built-in during manufacturing process, LIFE protection provides continous antimicrobial protection that won't wash off or wear away and will last the life of the plastic shelves.
  • LIFE protection provides continous antimicrobial protection that keeps Mantova shelving systems cleaner between cleanings.
  • LIFE technology is not designed to protect users from foodborne illness and is not substitute for good cleaning practices