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USB Bluetooth Add-on Receiver (GTR130)

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The evolution of smart gate access controls continues with the release of our latest Wireless Bluetooth Gate Opener. 

Never worry about losing your gate controller again with our 100% handsfree, wireless accessory. Simply plug the USB transmitter into your car and the receiver into your gate motor and your gates will automatically open and close. Connect and control your gates with this handy accessory!

What are the benefits of the Wireless Bluetooth Gate Opener?

No need for smartphones, controls or any other devices that you can easily lose or struggle to reach when arriving at your property.

Your gates will automatically open when you’re within 10 metres of your gates and close after your vehicle is parked and switched off or more than 10 metres from the gates

Each Wireless Bluetooth Gate Opener only recognises your car’s signal, so your property access remains safe and secure at all times.

A convenient solution for both homes and business, this accessory is ideal for:

  • Automated sliding gates
  • Automated swing gates
  • Automated factory and boom gates

Quick & easy set-up

Simply connect the USB transmitter to your car console and the wireless receiver to your gate motor and you’re all set!

The signal is transmitted and received as you approach, automatically opening your gates so you can arrive like a VIP.