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Workbench Castor Kit – Fixed (WBC001SET)

This castor set allows for your workbench to be lifted off the ground (to an approximate height of 25.4mm/1”) and repositioned easily.

To operate, press down on the foot pedal of each castor to elevate your workbench, and move to your desired location. To disable movement, lift the foot pedal to lower the workbench firmly back onto the floor. Each 75mm (3”) polyurethane castor can support up to 100kg (400kgs combined set capacity). Each swivel castor can pivot 360° once raised. All required mounting hardware is included.

  • Suitable for workbenches up to 400kgs
  • 4 free-swivelling 75mm (3”) diameter polyurethane castors included in kit
  • Simple to operate
  • Mounting screws included for easy installation

Click here to download instruction manual.

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