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How to choose a garden shed?

Need a shed to store all your gardening equipment in that is secure? Or are you just tired of seeing your gardening equipment around your backyard getting rusty in the weather? At AdMerch we have the perfect storage solution for you with lots of options available, talk to us to go over some things you need to consider before purchasing a garden shed. The main thing to think about when purchasing your new garden shed is how much space you require?

Location and base

Where you would like to place your garden shed? What type of base you would like for your shed? You can choose either aluminium, concrete, raised timber or a gravel base. The base you choose varies on a few different factors, permanent or temporary structure

Shed accessories

A steel shed is made to withstand rain and harsh weather. Once it’s built a steel shed requires little to no maintenance. The garden shed comes in a variety of colours to blend in or match the exterior of your home or fence. See, work, and find things easily in your shed by adding a skylight. Natural light in your shed will stop the need of having to use a torch to find items. Allow fresh air to circulate around your garden shed with the 5 blade louvre windows. Need help to bolt down your garden shed we have the perfect bolt down kit available to ensure your shed is secured

Get your shed

At AdMerch we stock a large range of garden sheds in a variety of colours, style, sizes and purposes to suit your needs. Contact us on 1300 237 467 to discuss your specific shed requirements. We are here to help.