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100mm Swivel High Temp Zinc Durolite Castor (S4358)

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Wheel Diameter: 100

Wheel Width: 32mm

Wheel Type: High Temp Polymer

Wheel Code: HT480

Bearing Type: Du Oilless Bush

Height(mm): 135

Swivel Radius: 90

Load Capacity(kg): 100/125

The polymer wheel used in this castor can be used in temperatures up to 280°C and with loads up to 125kg. Available with a wide range of wheels, the Zinc Durolite Plate Series is commonly used on a vast array of mobile equipment. Enhanced by a twin swivel race ensuring longevity making it ideal for use in hospitals, retail shops and general industry. The baseplate of this castors has been designed for flexibility, with the bolt holes being slotted on an angle to allow users a multiple of mounting options. This means that the Zinc Durolite Plate castors can be matched with competitor and imported castors. The redesigned baseplate provides a superior castor for a growing number of uses and equipment.

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