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150mm SG Iron Wheel 500/400kg Capacity Waste Bin Castor (S6010)

Wheel Diameter: 150mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Wheel Width: 50mm

Wheel Type: Spheroidal Graphite (SG) Iron

Wheel Code: SG608

Wheel Bearing Type: Plain Bore

Castor Height: 194mm

Swivel Radius: 130mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 500kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 400kg

Richmond Waste Bin Castors are the most recognised castors in the waste bin industry and used by all the leading waster providers because of their renowned strength, durability and longevity in a highly demanding application. With load capacities up to 500kg per castor we have developed and designed this castor with a high tensile steel kingpin, precision machined ball race and a welded swivel lock and brake. To make inventory and ordering easy, Richmond can supply waste bin castors in sets, comprising of 2 x swivel castors and 2 x rigid castors, as well as brake options.

The S6010 manufactured by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is a swivel frame castor and has a semi pneumatic wheel. This swivel castor is part of our waste bin range and has a top load capacity of 500kg. The S6010 is assembled with plain bearings on the castors axle. This castors swivel frame allows the load to be steered. The outside diameter of the semi pneumatic wheel is 150mm, the wheel width is 50mm and can be ordered separately (SG608).

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