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50mm Diameter Desk Castor (S57PK2)

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Wheel Diameter: 50mm

Wheel Width: 46mm

Wheel Type: Nylon

Castor Height: 61mm

Swivel Radius: 68mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 35kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 20kg

Richmond's Desk Castors are made to suit most office?furniture including light duty cabinets and display units.?The ?U' shape mounting makes fixing the castor to MDF,?chipboard & timber desks quick and simple, whilst?providing a sturdy fit and full manoeuverability of the?swivel. This castor is perfect for DIY retro fitting and returning rolling?functionality to your furniture.

Our S57 desk castor suits timber with a thickness of 19mm. The twin durable nylon 50mm wheels rotate well on carpeted surfaced and the load capacity is 35kg. To calculate the load on each castor the equation would be: The weight of the desk and its contents / the number of castors = the load on each castor providing the weight is distributed evenly. For example 80kg desk / 4 castors = 20kg on each castor. For the same castor with a brake see S57B