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Furniture Skate | Wooden Dolly 700 x 500mm | SKR107

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Easy to use, quality timber deck with full rubber top and load capacity of 400kg.
The platform measures 700 x 500mm and features premium castors to transport heavy furniture with ease.
  • 19mm thick marine grade timber deck with full non-slip
    grooved rubber top to help secure load and prevent damage
  • 185mm in height
  • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of use
  • Rounded rubber beaded edges for wall and skirting protection
  • Swivel castors for a variety of ground surfaces and easy steering
  • Fitted with 4 x  Richmond 125mm polyurethane castors. These castors feature a double ball bearing swivel race and ball bearing wheel.

Our range of skates and dollies are perfect for home or office removals, self-storage, shows and exhibitions, gyms, music and theatre venues, shopfitters, freight companies, workshops and repair shops, mechanics, and many more.

Only the highest quality products can be found here – featuring genuine Richmond wheels and castors. This enables such heavy load capacities, while maintaining silent and precision movement.

This is a serious product – built to survive rigorous everyday use. Suitable as a permanent solution in your home, office, or workshop – keeping heavy items conveniently mobile.

To prove that AdMerch have more than just a ‘furniture dolly’ product range, here are some examples of the wide variety of uses our customers have found for our skates and dollies:

Moving farm machinery around a shed,  pinball machines and vending machines,  barrels and other equipment involved in winemaking and beer brewing,  heavy stacks of drawers around a workshop or repair shop,  to assist moving and storing multiple heavy objects in a garage,  mobilising large empty and filled water barrels,  table saws and other tools and heavy objects to easily move around a workshop,  heavy filing cabinets,  moving potted plants in out and of the weather during summer and winter,  and moving heavy car parts during restorations and repairs.

As you can see, the skates and dollies at AdMerch are much more than simple furniture movers.

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