Richmond Castor Rigid with Polyurethane 100mm Wheel (R4045)

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R4045 Rigid Richmond Castor with 100mm Polyurethane Wheel.

Castor Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Castor Frame Type: Rigid

Castor Wheel Construction: Polyurethane

Bearing Type: Roller Bearing

Castor Height: 130mm

Maximum Castor Capacity: 200kg

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This castor manufactured by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. has a rigid frame and features a polyurethane 100mm wheel. The code to order this castor is R4045. 200kg is the maximum load capacity for the R4045. The rigid castor is assembled with roller bearings on the castors axle and is plate mount. This castors rigid frame allows for linear movement and steering can be achieved by using in conjunction with swivel castors. The wheel diameter is 100mm, the wheel overall width is 35mm and can be purchased separately (PU4408).


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