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Rubbermaid Vented SLIM JIM® 61L Black Container | RFG1955959

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This Rubbermaid Slim Jim® FG1955959 61L vented container offers uncompromised performance in constrained spaces. These bins are ideal for use in hospitality, education, medical and more. Wherever you need a convenient waste bin solution and you don’t have much space, Rubbermaid have got you covered.

This slim waste bin has vented channels, which allow liners to be removed from the container up to 80% easier. It has 4 bag cinches which secure the liners around the rim of the container, creating quick, knot-free liner changes. The heavy duty handles on this Slim Jim® container are robust enough to withstand constant wear and tear while lifting and emptying. The rib-strengthened rim resist crushing while the step design prevents jamming when nested.

Volume: 61L
Size: 55.8cm (L) x 27.94cm (W) x 63.5cm (H)
Weight: 2.91kg
Colour: Black

Vented Slim Jim® Flyer
Vented Slim Jim® Spec Sheet 
Slim Jim® for Healthcare

This Slim Jim waste container by Rubbermaid measures 55.9cm (L) x 27.9cm (W) x 76.2 (H) and has a capacity of 87L.

Slim Jim containers with venting channels are designed to deliver the most efficient solution for waste collection, transportation and disposal. The product is built to improve  productivity of effective waste management by adding in venting channels, base and rim handles with the option of purchasing a steel dolly or trolley.

This merchandise is versatile and appropriate for many industries, below are some examples:

  • Hospitality
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Retails

Alternative colours are available in the following; Beige, Black, Grey, Blue, and Green.

This container is compatible with the following lid:

Colour and LidPart Number
Red Slim Jim Bottle & Can Recycling TopRFG2692-88
Yellow Slim Jim Bottle & Can Recycling TopRFG2692-88
Green Slim Jim Bottle & Can Recycling TopRFG2692-88
Grey Slim Jim Lid SuitRFG268888L
Black Slim Jim Swing LidRFG267360
Blue Slim Jim Paper Recycling TopRFG270388

Common Recycling colours

Australia (Standards)
General WasteRed
Mixed RecyclingYellow
Garden / Organic WasteGreen
Food WasteGreen
Paper / CardboardBlue

Rubbermaid - Slim Jim Waste Container with Handles 60L

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