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Swivel 125mm Grey Poly Tyred Wheel Medi-Twin Castor (S5312B)

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S5312B Swivel Richmond Castor with 125mm Polyurethane Wheels fitted with brake.

Castor Wheel Diameter: 125mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Castor Wheel Construction: Polyurethane

Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Castor Height: 148mm

Maximum Castor Capacity: 100kg

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This swivel frame castor (order code S5312B) features 2 polyurethane 125mm wheels. This castors max capacity is 100kg. The swivel castor is assembled with ball bearings on the castors axle. This caster is fitted with a brake, however if you need it without a brake, search for S5312. The swivel frame permits the load to be steered. The diameter of the wheels is 125mm, the wheels overall width is 2x18mm.