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Stair Climbing Trolleys

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  • Appliance Trolleys

    Richmond Stairclimber 1.5m Hand Trolley | SCR115

    $346.50 inc GST   ($315.00 ex.GST)
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  • Appliance Trolleys

    Richmond 1200mm Stair Climber Appliance Trolley Rebound Wheels | SCR114

    $317.90 inc GST   ($289.00 ex.GST)
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Buy a Stair Climbing Trolley

If you’re tired of carrying heavy objects by yourself because you can’t use your trolley to go up and down stairs, consider a stair climbing trolley. You can make your working life easier with a simple investment. At AdMerch, we have the solution for all business problems. We have a wide variety of trolleys and carts available, including stair climbers, and we help you make anything mobile and movable. We ship Australia-wide, with free shipping for every online order. Find the perfect trolley in your catalogue today.
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Why do You Need a Strair Climbing Trolley?

A good trolley will literally take a load off your back. Carrying heavy things, especially when you don’t know the proper, ergonomic way to do it, puts a huge strain on your body. Even if it doesn’t cause immediate injury, you might end up with back pain many years in the future. Lugging items up and down the stairs also takes a long time when the amount you’re able to take at once is limited. With a trolley, you can load up a much heavier weight and only make one trip. This improves productivity in the workplace, as that time can be put on other things. Most trolleys become useless when you hit a set of stairs, but a stair climber trolley doesn’t. No matter how many floors there are in a building, you can use the right trolley to transport items between levels without having to rely on an elevator. These kinds of trolleys are especially great for moving professionals because you’re bound to have to move someone into a high floor at some point, and many residential buildings won’t have a lift. With a trolley to bring up the stairs, that will never be a problem again.

Our Range of Strair Climbing Trolleys

AdMerch doesn’t stock flimsy, cheaply made wheel trolleys that break. We have only high-quality products that you can rely on, with great wheels and a long life. Our stair climber trolleys are durable and have a load capacity of 250 kg. We have two different models of different sizes; the smaller one is great for smaller items like boxes, it is easy to manoeuvre and doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t being used, and the big one is great for moving furniture and large appliances like washing machines, fridges and dishwashers, among many others. These trolleys are suitable both for professional and personal use. If you don’t need to take a trolley up the stairs, we have many other models available as well. There’s a trolley for every situation here.

Choosing AdMerch for your Stair Trolley

To make it easy for yourself to move any sized items up and down stairs, a trolley from AdMerch is just what you need. We have dependable, strong trolleys that are built to last. We ship across all of Australia, and shipping is free for all online orders. Our helpful customer service team is always here to provide expert advice and find the perfect product for you. We’re a one-stop-shop for all things moving, storage and cleaning. Order a trolley from us today and you won’t regret it.
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