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Castor Mounting Configurations

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We’re often asked what’s the best castor configuration for different applications. If you’ve ever shopped at a supermarket where the rear castors are rigid, you’ll know how it can effect the manoeuvrability. We hope you’ll find the below explanation helpful or you can contact us if your still not sure.


Swivel castors / fixed castors

This solution offers excellent load bearing capacity and manoeuvrability and eliminates the danger of overturning uneven loads.




Swivel castors
This solution is recommended for trolleys which will be required to work in confined spaces and will be pushed or pulled from all sides. It offers the advantage of excellent manoeuvrability and load capacity.




Swivel castors / fixed castors
This solution combines an excellent load capacity with equally good manoeuvrability. The load is borne by the two central fixed wheels and the pivoting wheels. There is a danger of overturning if the load is off centre and the trolley is pulled from the side.




Fixed castors
This solution is recommended for medium-sized loads and trolleys moved predominantly in a straight line. With no rotating parts on the castors, maintenance is kept to a minimum.




Swivel castors / fixed castors
This is the best solution for large trolleys intended for heavy loads. It offers excellent load capacity and manoeuvrability with perfect stability. The trolley may be pushed or pulled from either of the ends with pivoting castors will pivot on half in length.

We have a wide range of castors available for purchase in our store.

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